Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get a High Resolution cd?

Yes, a high resolution cd of the best pictures is given with every session.  You will not get every picture....sorry that is way too much editing. I own the copyright so you cannot alter the pictures I give you.

Can I print my pictures?

Yes, I grant a print release with every cd I give you but keep in mind the cheaper the print the cheaper the quality.  It really does matter!!

I can order you reasonably priced prints that will show the true color and quality of the picture. Or if you want to print yourself may I recommend  I think Ashley Ann photography said it best:  "If you’ve ever wondered why photographers don’t always include a disk, well there are many reasons. A big one is that a client takes those great images and then buys the cheapest prints he/she can find online…and those great photos look not so great. The terrible prints become a reflection of the photographer. I struggled giving clients digital copies. I wanted them to have the images, but I did not want them to get terrible prints…which would reflect on my work as a photographer. I began searching for a professional quality lab that had both consistently great prints and affordable prices. Mpix is the consumer branch of Millers (a standard-setting lab on the professional side of photography). And so began my journey with Mpix."  ashleyannphotography 

Do you Photoshop Us?

Yes, I do basic photoshop editing but don't alter the images too much. If you have something you would like me to photoshop more just let me know.

Where Should We Take Pictures?

You should find a place that means something to you and your family property, your house, a park you guys like and hang out at....really anywhere but sometimes when it is somewhere you love they are more fun.  Or I can suggest an area that gives you a country, mountain or urban look. If we are going on private property we need to have permission to be there.

GOOGLE MAPS of suggested places to take your pictures.